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6/28/06 04:30 pm - Maat's CAp

Level Total EXP EXP TO GO TO 20 TO 30 TO 40 TO 50 to 60 to 70 to 75
WAR 32 112,250 399,800 0 0 50,800 123,300 257,300 525,300 856,100
MNK 13 21,750 490,300 26,600 78,800 141,300 213,800 347,800 615,800 946,600
WHM 40 163,050 349,000 0 0 0 72,500 206,500 474,500 805,300
BLM 75 968,350 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
RDM 75 968,350 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
THF 35 130,550 381,500 0 0 32,500 105,000 239,000 507,000 837,800
PLD 13 21,750 490,300 26,600 78,800 141,300 213,800 347,800 615,800 946,600
DRK 37 143,250 368,800 0 0 19,800 92,300 226,300 494,300 825,100
RNG 10 13,350 498,700 35,000 87,200 149,700 222,200 356,200 624,200 955,000
BRD 23 62,750 449,300 0 37,800 100,300 172,800 306,800 574,800 905,600
BST 13 21,750 490,300 26,600 78,800 141,300 213,800 347,800 615,800 946,600
DRG 10 13,350 498,700 35,000 87,200 149,700 222,200 356,200 624,200 955,000
SMN 43 183,750 328,300 0 0 0 51,800 185,800 453,800 784,600
NIN 37 143,250 368,800 0 0 19,800 92,300 226,300 494,300 825,100
SAM 12 18,750 493,300 29,600 81,800 144,300 216,800 350,800 618,800 949,600
2,986,250 5,607,100 179,400 530,400 1,090,800 2,012,600 3,754,600 7,238,600 ########

No idea if that will work; I pasted it straight from excel.

4/4/06 11:33 pm

Be like the squirrel, girl
be like the squirrel

I've spent so much time in the hospital lately. First for me, now for her.


2/3/06 11:01 am

Haven't posted in a while.. Not much going on IRL except work. I go to work, come home, sometimes watch a movie, and go to bed so I can wake up and do it all again. I miss FFXI quite a bit. Haven't talked to Cat in a couple of days ... they've gone by really slow. An old familiar pain has come back too, making this week even more {sic} enjoyable. The ole FF LS is scheduling Jailer of Love fight in a couple of weeks. I really want to attend.

Maybe I should get a digital camera so I can take some nice pictures and have non-boring entries on my LJ while I'm not playing the game. I've rented 4 movies this week, so far I watched 3 of them. The Island, Transporter 2, and Lord of War. Of the three, Lord of War was probably the best. I really have missed watching movies, so it's good to be watching them again, even if some of them suck. You have to take the good with the bad. Maybe another update soon.

12/28/05 04:29 pm

Been a while since I've updated. Operation Bald Eagle is in full 'gearing up' effect. We start sometime in January. I need to gear up another job to take from 37-46 and get WHM to 46, or, barring that, give roddick some time off. I'm excited about this static because it was my idea, and I basically hand-picked the people and the times we'll meet and whatnot. Basically the idea behind the static is for me to XP times I would normally XP but not have to look for group for hours. It's also my first static that I really setup rather than joined, so it will be a challenge. I'm WHM for it, should be good times. Was oringinally going to be WAR, then NIN, then BRD, now I think we've settled on WHM. If anyone reads this and knows of some WHM gear that is essential and/or I might not have, let me know. I'll probably have a list up soonish of haves and have-nots. It's the 40-60 gear that worries me the most, I think I can gimp it in AF til 68, 70, 73.

12/13/05 07:01 pm - 4saij

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You tend to be spiritual, having found your own meaning of life.
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Personality Test</a></div>

11/30/05 10:59 am - Interloper

We did Dynamis-Xarcabard last night. Valor Surcoat #2, Sorcerer's Petasos #4, finally got the clear, title. Our first win. Shadow Mantle #1. I've started numbering our drops. It helps see that each run we make progress, I guess.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Completely accidental. I was really lagged on DLord fight, so I didn't get to do too much. I'm sure that MB helped, though. I was short quite a lot of my latent effects, but it is still hot.

Grats vadeffxi on having nub gear
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

11/24/05 01:40 pm - For the bet

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

That is all.

11/24/05 04:03 am - Grats Drash

Drash won the bet. Not for my lack of leveling insanely fast, either. He had his G/F play him while he was at work. I'm just glad he has it leveled now. I gladly forked over the money. It was worth every penny. He only beat me by 25k too...

11/15/05 04:39 pm - Great day at work

Got a lot of work done, got a lot of shit-talking done. The bet seems to really be escalating in both our eyes. Drash threatened to MPK me today because I said I'd go to sea while anonymous and just afk there... or would I be AFK? Hearing that, Ead laughed hysterically and said, "hes gonna make you delvl just so he knows what lvl you are... or were." I told Drash what ead had said and hes like "omg good idea!" lolol

This bet has turned into way too much fun. The bet continues.

Drash: DRK22 RDM75 WAR10 or 11?
Trael: DRK37 WAR21 RDM??

Drash is winning, but at least I've got my DRK sub completely done.

It aint over til the fat taru delevels.

11/11/05 06:08 pm - So I ordered some comic books..

Just ordered the Serenity comics from www.tfaw.com 2.99 per comic seemed like a decent deal to me. They bridge the gap between the TV show and the movie. If you liked the movie/tv show, you should pick them up. Mine will be here in a few days. 2 day UPS shipping... cant wait to start reading them.
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